Saturday, 26 April 2014

ஐ Okinawa, walking around NAHA ஐ
Day 2

On our second day, after getting breakfast and getting ready we decided to explore Naha once again. But this time going through the smaller streets and stopping whenever we felt like it. Avoiding tourists and the crowded. We walked this very peaceful neighborhood with small designer shops and cafes. This kind of streets are my favorite. It's so nice and a pleasure for my eyes.
I think we walked around this area. Or at least that's where we started. As we actually walked for the whole day.

Such a creative way to present your menu !

A hidden tiny road leads to this open air cafe.

This shop had to sweetest sales and candles ! I indulged and bought four candles and the sales offered me some inscent sticks <3

Vintage toy shop

Time for some lunch in an organic cafe
Miso and red bean muffin
Vegan curry
Stir fried veggies and tofu

Passing through the market again. This grandma was so cute. She looked to me like she just came out of a Ghibli movie.
Okinawa is famous for its pottery. It was so lovely to walk where all the island's pottery is made, and see their art. We even got lucky to be shown into a factory ! How peaceful to forget about the clock ticking and focusing only on the rotating board.


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