Wednesday, 2 April 2014

ஐ Tea time : Tea Wood (mongkok) ஐ

Last sunday, my friends and I decided to go to Tea Wood since we wanted to get tea and the taiwanaise place is so popular. So so popular.
We arrived around 13:30 and had to wait for around 45 minutes until we got a table. It was a pretty long line, of like 25 people... As you arrive you will get a number. You can go out and keep yourself busy whilst the line goes on. But if you arrive and missed your number 5 times, then you loose your spot.
It seemed to me that the restaurant was short on staff, because as we walked in, so many table were empty of people. but still had the dirty plates on ! Just hire someone, and make people wait less, please.
I liked the place's decoration. You actually have quite a lot of space to walk around and your table is also quite spacious. I hate when it feels so uncomfortable to walk around and feel like people are pushing you around. The decoration was woody (captain obvious) and green. It had a great feeling. Fresh and natural.

 "Those cakes seems very good. How about taking a break to have a cup of tea ?"
 Tiramisu - Chocolate cake - Blueberry Cheesecake
Peach cake - Lime Cheesecake - Green Tea and red bean cake
 Their menu has the same form as a magazine, such a nice touch.
Tea is served, coming with honey ! 
(each tea is 38hkd)
We opted for the fruity tea and the rose and chrysanthemum tea. I really like the chrysanthemum tea, it was fresh and nice. I like the presentation with the stand to keep your tea warm. 
But the fruity tea was very boring. Coming with a Lipton tea bag, left inside (it was too strong) and not fruity at all. It had lemon, orange, dragon fruit and blueberry inside, but all I could taste was the lemon.
Spicy ginger chicken
I only tried the pepper as I don't eat meat. It was quite alright, the sauce was nice and not too spicy at all.
Green Tea and red bean cake (35hkd)
It took me so long to decide wether I would get the Blueberry Cheesecake or the Green Tea Cake. I finally picked the cake since I thought the cheesecake was a "boring" choice. As in, "Let's try something different !". But I kinda wish I chose the cheesecake...
I didn't like it that much at all. The taste was very mild,.. It didn't taste much at all of green tea, or red bean except for the ball of red bean on top of the cake. It was basically soft cake with cream. The bottom was made of a fine biscuit, I like that part.
Not exactly my cup of tea.

Chocolate cake (35hkd)
Florent seems not so overly happy with his cake. As in, it's eatable, but I would get a second. He didn't even eat the chocolate around it.
Strawberry and honey ice cream toast (68hkd)
And Jason ordered what I think made this place so famous and popular. And mountain of three sweet toasts, with strawberry ice cream, topped with tiny marshmallows, strawberry jam, fresh strawberries and a piece of chocolate. He was happy with it, and seemed to enjoy it a lot. He almost finished it all, though I think most people leave some of the bread since it's so filling and dry alone I guess.
I had a good time going there, and I'm glad we went together. But I don't think we will visit this place again. I wouldn't recommend their cakes to anyone. It's definitely not their speciality and they are quite pricey for the quality they offer. If you have a big tummy, and love yourself some toasts, take a day off and give it a go ~ 

10/F, 628 Nathan Road, Mongkok

→ 10% charges : Yes

→ WiFi : No

→ Napkins : Yes

→ WC : Yes, with toilet paper ! (outside the restaurant, on 10/F).

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