Saturday, 17 May 2014

✿Lancome celebrated Hypnose 10th anniversary✿
Hypnose serie, palette, artliners and mascaras

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Lancome Hypnose mascara, I got the chance to model and attend their event in ICF (Central, HK), at the end of April. 
Because I am a lucky girl, Lancome HK sent me a goodie bag with their last products, and I am so excited to share them with you.
 Hypnose Palette Doll eyes in Taupe au naturel, is the perfect palette for a natural look but also for a more dramatic look. The colors are very pigmented a most of them not that so sheer (except for the two highlights, bottom and right one). I don't care much for the brush since I always do my makeup at home, but it will come in handy if you need to touch up whilst at work or out for the night. There is a double sided brush to apply the color, and a second brush to blend in the colors.
For the ones not so familiar with makeup, and learning. The palette comes with a small paper showing you three different makeup looks. :)
 The two Artliner 24h are amazing ! They are probably the products that surprised and amazed me the most. I'm usually a bit afraid of liquid liners as I find them more difficult to master and to have control over, and would take the easy option : A pen liner. But the Artliners are so easy to use ! They glide so easily on my eyes and it feels very easy and comfortable to use. I love them !
They stayed on the whole day (and I work part time until 3am !) If you use an oily makeup remover like me, you won't have any troubles removing it.
Make sure to wipe the excess at the tip on the brush before applying to get a fine line ;)

 Hypnose mascara is the emblematic mascara of Lancome and that is for a good reason. It's such a great waterproof mascara that last for 12 hours. Giving you fuller eyelashes. It is definitely build-able so don't hesitate to apply some more if you feel like it ;)
 Hypnose Doll Eyes promises to give you the doll eyes you always dreamt of. Waterproof and meant to last for 24h (yes because you girl, wanna be a dolly 24/7, don't you ?). It will give you both length and volume, which make it my favorite out for the three.
Hypnose Star is probably the mascara for you if you wanna look like a movie star. Waterproof, and promising to give you an eye-catching effect for 24h too. I find the effect of Hypnose Star to be more dramatic than the Doll eyes one. Giving more thickness and curve.

All the mascara are waterproof and therefore, need an oily base make up remover. Be gentle whilst removing make up, especially around your eyes area, so minimize creating wrinkles and pulling out your Oh so precious eyelashes.

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