Sunday, 18 May 2014

Au naturel

Here's a tutorial for a very natural look, for everyday use. Easy to achieve and requiring low maintenance through out the day. It will brighten your face and make you look happy and heathy 
Here I'm using Hypnose palette dolly eyes in Taupe au naturel.
Starting with a my face prepared.
Foundation : Armani / Concealer : Ipsa palette / Powder : Muji pearl
Eyebrows : Maquillage pencil / 3 Concept eyes brow mascara in dark brown
Using color 1, apply it on your eyelid. Apply it up to your eye crease.
Then apply color 2 from your eye crease to your eyebrow. It will illuminate your eyes.
Don't forget to blend in to smooth the edges.
To give some shadow and the effect of fuller eyelashes, apply color 4 below your bottom lash line. You can extend it a little bit to make your eyes appear longer and bigger.
Then, brighten your inner eyes area with color 3. This touch makes a huge difference. Try it ! ♡
For a more natural, and softer look, I decide to apply Lancome Artliner in copper. Dark brown and brown will have a softer look compared to black one. 
Apply your favorite mascara, here I use Lancome Hypnose mascara. One coat is enough for me when I want a natural result. Apply more if you want to look more dramatic :)
Final touch is blush ! Shu Uemura peach 47 ♡ and nothing on my lips but lipbalm.


  1. t'es trop belle! <3
    moi aussi en ce moment je me maquille de façon très légère! j'ai trouvé un eye liner marron cuivré assez clair! :D

    1. Merci ! Oui je trouve ca super les maquillages plus clair et plus naturel pour l'ete ! Tu as quel eyeliner ?? Je suis curieuse xx