Thursday, 29 May 2014

✿ MaXfactor : CC Color correction cream review ✿

Some of you have been asking me to hurry and review MaXfactor CC cream already, here goes here goes !
This CC Cream promises an instant complexion enhancement, and I must say, it's good stuff.
It has an SPF 10, than is not too crazy but is still appreciable. I find it to be very comfortable to wear. It just feels like moisturizer. The coverage is very little, this is not foundation, so it will not cover your skin. It will correct and unify your skin and minimize skin tone variations. None the less, if you feel like you would need a little more coverage, you can build it up ;)
 They come in four different shades :
30 LIGHT : Is a light beige, a little bit on the yellow side, so it will match pale skin with yellow undertone.
40 FAIR : Is to my surprise more pale than 30. The color is more cold and will match with pink undertone skins best. I find the finish more matte as well.
50 NATURAL : Is a very neutral shade, I find it to give a very nice and healthy look. Neutral undertone.
60 MEDIUM : Is slightly darker and more yellow than 50. Perfect for summer time when you'll be getting a little tan.
 Bare skin, let's try to cover those veins !
 The texture is very light and a little watery without being runny. I actually forgot to shake before swatching, and it's still have a consistent texture.
 First layer
 Second layer, I think it does a great job ! My veins are definitely less showing.
 In order ; 30, 40, 50 and 60.

 Here are some without and with CC cream. I think my under eyes are minimized, also, my eyes appear more brightened ! My nose area is also less red-ish.

To be honest, if you have a great skin and small imperfections, MaXfactor will do the trick for you ! It feels great, improves your complexion and will make you feel like you're not wearing make up. The price is also very affordable.
If you need more coverage, you may or may not be enough, then again, it can be paired with a concealer to correct small blemishes.


  1. U are flawless with or without it... guess i will need u to suggest a better concealer the next step =)

    1. For sure ! What are you using right now ? I really like IPSA's concealer palette ! Its very creamy and moist. Perfect if you have dry skin like me <3

  2. Sophie, thanks for complete review.
    I have freckles+fair skin with pink undertones, you've just given me clue.

    1. You're most welcome ! I hope it will suit your skin <3

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