Saturday, 31 May 2014

✿ MaXfactor : Wild shadow pencils review and tutorial ✿

✿ Maxfactor Wild Shadow pencils promise to create a bold, bright look in just a couple of strokes. To be super blend-able and to be used very easily, permitting an smooth glide over skin.
Let's see if all this is true.
✿ They come in 9 different colors. From natural colors such as grey and brown, to colorful ones like lime and pink.
 Here I'm reviewing 5 Caramel rage and 25 Savage Silver.
The packing is as usual very basic and clean. The pencil will have to be sharpen as you use them, especially if you want to use them as an eyeliner. You will need a very neat and thin lead.
 ✿The shadows are very pigmented ! 25 Savage Silver has a lot of shimmers, and 5 Caramel Rage has a metallic finish. Both are very beautiful.
 Smudging the ends, and creating a blend. They do blend, but no so easily. It's a bit difficult to control and measure how blended it will be.

 When it comes to applying it to the eyelid, I had a bit of trouble. The shadows are quite dry, making them a bit hard to apply nicely and smoothly on the eyelid. It feels a bit rough, and because it didn't stick there so well, I had to apply and apply some more, again. Rubbing my eyelid a lot.
 Blending in the eyeshadows, I used my finger's tips. Don't hesitate to re-apply after blending, and blending again if you want a gradient effect.
 Applying it to my bottom lashes and blending in with a small brush.
 To finish the look, apply eyeliner to create a cat line, pencil liner on the bottom lashes.
Make sure to blend it a little bit to give a smoky effect. Don't forget to do a invisible liner in your top eyelashes, to make them appear fuller. It is a bit scary but will make a huge difference.
And finally apply your favorite mascara ~
✿ Yes, I'm wearing contact lenses O__O <3
 ✿ Pen eyeliner : The Sailormoon one in black
✿ Kohl pencil eyeliner : Topshop, in black
✿ Mascara : Majolica Majolica
I have a mix feeling for the MaXfactor Wild shadow pencils. They do have a great pigmentation and can create a nice smokey eyes. They are very useful and convenient because there is no fall off, and you won't have to clean up your mess and won't ruin your concealer.
But at the same time, the rubbing part is a real pain... Especially when your eyes are sensitive.

It may be different from one color to another in the line ? Did anyone try the others ?

I'd recommend it if you are a warrior and fearless, otherwise, you may wanna turn to something smoother.

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