Monday, 26 May 2014

✿ Pmeb : Essence mascara base ✿
Make 'em stand up !

I've finally found the answer to my eyelashes' problem ! We all have a thing with our eyelashes we'd like to fix or simply improve. Either they are short, few or flat. Mine are pretty long, and I have a decent amount, but.. they are difficult to curl ! They just won't keep the curl for too long unless I use a fiber mascara. And not being a big fan of fiber mascara (I always end up losing eyelashes as I remove it, as gently as I can) I had to turn to something different.
And of course, whatever problem you have, Japan has a solution !
 I found Pmeb at Log On in the basement of Time Square, in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
You won't find it among their range of mascaras (which is if you ask me, a little bit silly..) but with some other "weird" tools. Or you can just show ask a sale, showing them a photo. They are quite friendly and helpful :)

65 HKD, pretty fair.
 So easy to use. Basically curl your eyelashes as usually, brush though them, coat them with the essence, wait a little bit and coat your favorite mascara.
I don't like to wait for it to be completely dry before applying my mascara though ! I find the essence to be too "crispy" and difficult to brush through with my mascara afterwards.
I'd advice to wait for a couple minutes and experiment.
 The essence doesn't have any smell, or coloration. Completely transparent !
I find it kinda cool to use on guys. I always look at their eyelashes and get jealous, because they are so long and full, and they do NOT even try !
But with the essence, it enhance their appearance, without looking too feminine.
 Coated with the essence, see how they keep the curl ?
And one coat of Benefit's They're real !

I'm very happy and impressed with this product. I think it keep its promise and make you eyelashes look much better and stand more easily. And it also gives you a little more volume. I've been using it only for a few days, but I can tell it will become part of my routine.
They only downside for me it that it kinda gather eyelashes together which makes them look less natural, and spread. I probably need a little more practice and brush though a little more.

Did you try it ? What do you think ?

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