Monday, 26 May 2014

✿ Too cool for school : Mc Girly cleanser and scrub ✿

✿ ✿ ✿ 
 It's been now months, since among all face cleansers and scrubs I have at home, that I stuck by Too cool for school Mc Girly line. Since I use it, I don't break out except for the occasion pimple, but it's very little and doesn't happen often at all~

Here's what it promises :
 10 types of actives yeasts to make your skin healthy
 Niacinamide and adenosine tighten your skin
 Vegetable based moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin nourished
 Rice bran extract and makgeolli brighten and vitalize your skin
 Proteins and vitamins from makgeolli smooth your skin
I use Mc Girly come clean in the morning and at night every single day, and I've been so happy with the result. It is very smooth and gentle. My skin is dry and quite sensitive, so very often, I find cleanser to be too harsh and will irritate my skin. But this one never did so. After washing, my face feels very fresh and smooth. 
It has a nice smell, it reminds me of sightly sweet rice, or mochi. I like it. Also, funny details, not that I tasted it *rolling eyes* but it does have a kind of sweet taste as well. You never know when you'll get some foam in your mouth..
As gentle as it is, if you come to close to your eye area, it will sting. So be careful !
 Wet your face and hands. Get a drop in your hand and start rubbing them together to form a light foam, then gently massage your face and neck.
I also like to use my Clarisonic with it. Perfect combo.
 I use Mc Girly Rice scrub 2 to 3 times a week and it's amazing. 
As Come clean, it has sweet rice smell and is very pleasant. It's a gently scrub that will actually scrub off your dead skin and you can start feeling it coming off as your massage your face ! It's kind of crazy.
I have a mix feeling of grossness and satisfaction every time I use it.
But I'm more happy to know that my dead skin is off my face than on, for sure !
 If your skin is normal to oily, I guess you can use it every night, it's very gentle. I stick to every other day, or every three days since mine is more sensitive.
No need to harshly rub your face with it. Be gentle and it will come of. I think it's best to massage for longer than harder. You skin will thank you and gloooow~

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  1. I just tried a sample and I'm instantly hooked on this cleanser! My current favorite cleanser from Too Cool for School is cleansing gel and Rules Liquid Cleanser. Have you tried em' before? :)