Tuesday, 3 June 2014

✿ 3 Concept eyes : Lip Pigment ✿

 Who's ready for daring lips using 3 Concept eyes lip pigment. I bought them a while ago, and never really got myself around to actually use them. You know, sometimes you get something thinking, yeah yeah, I'm so gonna use it, and I definitely need it in my life... hmm. But that was a shame not to give them much attention.
 It's everyday that I come across such colourful and yellow lip products, so of course, I picked up #BRIGHT ORANGE and #WILD YELLOW.
They come in a 11g package, which is pretty good if you ask me for their 70hkd or so.
As usual, 3 Concept eyes packaging is sleek and look very cool.
 Both of them have a very matte finish which I'm in love with. The consistency is just like paint, homogeneous and not runny at all.
 I tested them doing a gradient effect first, then a full lip and finally adding a coat of lip gloss.
I used my fingertip for the gradient look, then at lip brush for the full lip.

The pigments are very easy to use. It stays on nicely and is fairly build-able.
I'd definitely recommend moisturising and concealing your lips first if you want the colour to show at best.

I think the colours look very pretty and are pretty pigmented. It's really easy to use, and will give a nice tint to your lips.
Downside to the product is that it doesn't last really long. You will have to touch up or be very careful. 
Also, it's not really moisturising, so remember to apply some before !

I also use it as a eye primer sometimes, tutorial coming soon <3

I used to see it only in IT, but now some Bonjour seem to distribute it as well !

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