Saturday, 28 June 2014

✿ Atelier Paris : eyeshadow palette T23 - citrique ✿

 I've been wanting to share with you my favorite colorful eyeshadow palette, as I find Atelier Paris, isn't a brand that bloggers tend to write about so much. Here's my favorite piece of their make up collection.
To start, Atelier Paris is a french brand selling all kind of makeup and some cosmetics, from creams to eye pigment. They have a wide range of products and often make up artists will use their products as they have a professional quality.
The packaging is very simple and I would say practical (yeah I had to pimp mine up, since I'm a cuteness overlord !). They seem to keep it simple and offer a quality/price quite affordable compared to brand like MAC or Make up forever.
 I have two palettes from them, and color wise, T23 Citrique is my favorite. All colors are very pigmented and colorful (except maybe for the green, which is pigment, don't get me wrong. But not as much as the other ones. They are madness !). They produce almost no fall out and something I really go hard with my brush on them, no worries, they can take it.
They are also completely matte, which is such a big plus for me. I love that. I find it quite difficult to find a real matte palette. It seems all people want is shimmer.
 Here are swatches. The first one is with no eye primer. Second, on top of  eye primer.
 All of them stay on all day, and don't move at all. They don't fade either. I happen to wear them sometimes all day long, and even when I go to my part-time, where I work from 22pm to 03am. And I always get home with a very decent make up look.
Be aware that the pink/fushia will tint your skin a little bit. I don't really know what's the deal with these pigments, but it happens to me all the time, and with other brands like MAC too. But fushia pigment will stain my eye lid even after removing, cleansing and toning. Usually the day after I have to use a little bit of concealer to make up disappear. Then it will fade.
If anyone know how to prevent/fix this, let me know ;) Will do the same. So far applying concealer beneath helps a bit, but it still kind stain...
✿ Palettes are priced at 360hkd
✿ For more infos and check out their products : Atelier Paris HK Website
✿ If you'd like to know more about the brand, I'll make sure to test some more product, I think they are a great alternative to more expensive brands, and could be use by tight wallet. :)

✿ Pros : Color pay off, pigmentation, price, color range.
✿ Cons : Packaging, limited access.


  1. That's so pretty! You look gorgeous with the yellow eyes :D
    It's definitely a great palette coz it stays all day long :)

    1. Yes ! It's got all the best quality for an eyeshadow, as long as people dont care much about the packaging :D

  2. Lovely colours!
    You're so pretty and of course they suit you so well. I think I'd look like a Halloween disaster if I were to wear these. ^^;;;

    1. Thanks so much Christine ! Yes these colours are quite daring but you never know until you try :D Maybe doing a less spread eyeshadow ? :DD The most important is to have fun <3