Sunday, 8 June 2014

✿ Chanel nail colour : 609 COUP DE COEUR ✿

 As far as I can remember, Chanel's nail colour have been my favorite. I always had this image of my grand ma painting her nails with Chanel's nail colour, and it stuck to me that it was most elegant and sophisticated when it can to nail polishes.
Not only the packaging is beautiful but Chanel has so many different colours, and gorgeous names for them.
COUP DE COEUR (literally : heart's hit/punch) means that we show liking for something or someone. We get a "coup de coeur" then. It also implies that the liking is quite shallow and may not last so long.
 Coup de coeur is a winy red. Wet, it looks a little bluer than it will be as it dries.
Beautiful, two coats are needed for it to be completely opaque.

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