Wednesday, 18 June 2014

✿ Cyber colors : Ex Volume mascara ✿

 I used to be so obsessed with Cyber colors : Ex Volume mascara !
I got it from Sasa, and was really happy with it. Then I got new mascaras, and kind of forgot about it and yeah, I also got happier with other ones. I used it again recently and decided I'd share my thoughts.
Ex volume by Cyber colors is a waterproof mascara, and it is very very waterproof. To the point that it is a little bit difficult to remove it, even though I use a oil base makeup remover, I really need to be careful when removing it, and as I'm applying my toner, I will find some black on my cotton pad.
 The brush is slightly curved, and has two sides. One has long bristles and the other ones has short ones. The former for the top lashes, the later for the bottom ones.
The brush will definitely help making your lashes grow longer. Especially because the bristles are so long, that they can reach to the root of your lashes. The short side is just okay for the bottom lashes.
On the other hand, I find brushing through my lashes not to be effective as I don't find the brush to have much grasp on my lashes and get them a little bit clumpy.
 Why did I forget about it and why I stopped using it ? 
First of all, gain of time. Before, I was happy with this mascara because of the effect, and I was willing to clean up afterwards. There is so much clean up to do, because the brush bristles are so long and I would have mascara on my eyelid, sometimes up to my eyebrows, or even on my nose (OK, Im a bit clumsy). 
And second is, throughout the day, the mascara will somehow crack a little bit, and I would get some bits of mascara at best on my cheeks, or in my eye..

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