Friday, 27 June 2014

★ Look #30 : Silly kitty ★

 Styling, make-up, editing and art direction : Sophie Traverse
Photographer : Nicoline Aagesen
Hey everyone, how have you been doing ? It's been a little while since I talked to you on here. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather in Hong Kong. I think we're all literally melting.
My best friend of 10 years finally visited me this week, and damn, it was awesome. We have so many memories together and it felt so great to have her around for a little bit. 
June is coming to an end, and it has been a very busy month. Which of course is awesome. It's been productive and creative. My favorites <3 August is coming soon and my departure to Europe <3
I've recently opened a minipopup store :
You can check out my personal favorite fashion items there. Hopefully it will help your online shopping :D
What I'm wearing and comments :

★ Pantera ear hairband :Cute, and unlike a lot of these, they aren't hurting after wearing them for a while.  ~Market in M:
★ Cat heads pattern sweater : Super cute and thin. It feels very comfy and the inner is great too. Non-itchy and soft ~Super Animal Temple
★ Peach soft shorts : Simple and comfy. It has an elastic waist, one suits all ~Argyle centre, Mongkok
★ Brown boots : ~Sham Shui Po market


  1. Wow!! Your style is so amazing!! Best coming out of HK! Hope you aren't leaving back to Europe?!

    1. Thanks Brendan ! Im going back to Europe for a short holiday, will be back in HK by the end of August :)