Saturday, 7 June 2014

✿ Pupa : The bunny palette kit ✿

 Surprisingly enough, it seems Pupa isn't such a popular brand among bloggers, and I barely see any reviews about the brand. Which, in my opinion, quite a shame because I do like Pupa a lot ! The product are good quality and the price range is fair.
Anyhow, look what I picked up from Sasa around Easter season (yes, it's been a while ago, but I forgot to talk about it) to treat myself :D
The mint color is so adorable, I couldn't resist !
 The bunny came in two sizes. A huuuuge one, and a quite medium size one, which I picked up. The colors were different and I found these to be more wear-able for my liking.
The kit contains :
✿ 5 Eyeshadows
✿ 4 Lipsticks/lipglosses

✿ 1 Eye primer (thanks Ali !)
✿ 1 Blush
✿ 1 Brush

 All eyeshadows are very very pigmented and they last long on your eyelids. I would still recommend using a eye-primer to ensure that they stay in place, but yeah, they are amazing. They are also extremely shimmery
There is a 3 neutrals shades, and 2 lavender shades.
Perfect to create a beautiful gradient.
 The lip glosses are all very girly tints, I'm not a big big fan of glosses as I find them sticky, and these, do feel sticky.
The kit has a lip balm as well, so make sure to use it before using any glosses. It is transparent, and quite matte. Like !
 The blush is a beautiful coral color. Pigmented and a little bit will go a long way. I was a bit surprised to see a coral in there, since all the lip glosses are pretty rosy.. but yeah, it's still a very nice blush ! 
I didn't use this palette for the makeup I'm wearing on the photo

If you'd like to get it, I would suggest checking different Sasa around HK ! I got mine in Central, and it was the last bunny waiting for adoption. Hopefully you will find one.
This bunny was 280hkd, and the big one was 420hkd I believe.


  1. what you thought is a lip balm (the white transparent one) is actually eye-shadow primer, check the description, it is not a lip balm..

    1. Hi Ali, I corrected my post. Thanks a lot for the information ! I should ALWAYS read the description :)

  2. I have the same thing, but in pink! :3 I love it too and I wasn't sure about that primer either. The only thing I don't agree are the lip glosses which I don't really find sticky (I wasn't a lipgloss lover until I bought this) Also, I really love your blog! <3