Thursday, 19 June 2014

✿ Shu Uemura new eyelash curler ✿

I first noticed Shu Uemura new eyelash curler at work, when my make up artist used on me, and since then I really wanted to get my hands on it and try it on my own. Now it's done <3
I found it at Shu Uemura shop in IFC, where they retail it for 135hkd.

And god, it is so good. I really love it and I feel it does such a great job for my lashes. 

 My problem with most eyelash curlers, is that my eye is too long and they can't catch all my lashes at once, and because they are curved, they are difficult to move around without pinching my eyelid. Outch.
But with this new format, it's so easy curl, go around and curl another part of my lashes. It's much more details and precise. I also find it less messy. 

 This is my lashes au naturel, no curling yet.
 Here is after using Shu Uemura new eyelash curler. See how they stand out ? Definitely makes my eyes look much more awake !
 This is after applying my Eyelash essence from Pmeb 
 Finally, after applying one coat of my favorite mascara They're real by Benefit.
Did you also try it ? What do you think ? Ever since I got it, I can't get over it. I'm not even using my regular Shu Uemura eyelash curler any more~


  1. Oh my goodness, I got mine couple days ago!! I love this eyelash curler ^^

  2. I've got the old one and already like it. (I tried Sephora and Mac, Shu is the best)
    What does the white part of the curler? Is it really better than the old one?

    1. I'm not sure "better" is the word, but I would say they work well paired together, because with the regular one, I find myself missing the extremities or sometimes, some parts wont curl the way I want them to. But with the S curler, I can be more precise and curl them the way I want.
      I think if you go to a Shu Uemura shop or counter, you should be able to try it out ! :)

  3. Whaou perfect! Do you live in S.Korea?