Thursday, 12 June 2014

♥ SOS pimples : How to combat them ♥

Getting pimples is no good and always make us feel a little bit annoyed and make us lose a little bit of our self-confidence. Here's my few tips and products to help combat them, and hopefully also help to get rid of them without leaving any scars.

First, DO NOT TOUCH THEM ! It's silly, but we soooo wanna poke them, squeeze them and whatnot. But seriously, don't. Your hands are most likely dirty. Instead of squeezing them out, you're probably squeezing them in deeper, and getting germs in.

Clean your brushes more often if you use make up daily. 

Cleanse your face twice a day, and exfoliate every other day.
Whenever I see a pimple in process of coming out, I will apply Benefit BOO BOO ZAP. I find it to minimize the growth of pimples, and when the pimple is fully grown, it helps reducing the swallowing.

When you get at this point when you're pimple is about to pop (ooooh exciting !!) Use a needle and this circle end. Make sure to disinfect first, pop the pimple in the center with the needle and press the circle end on your pimple. The white thing will come out.
 If you have a reallllll big pimple, you can use this gun instead of the circle end. This gun with suck all the bad stuff out. Make sure to use it on big pimples only. As it sucks in your skin, it won't be effective at all on small pimples. And don't over use it, or you will end up with hickies !
 I loooooove tea tree oil ! It's a life saver when it comes to pimples and scars. Dab a cotton tip with tea tree oil on your pimples. You can use it in the morning and at night.
 As a over night treatment I have been pretty amazed with THE FACE SHOP Clear away spot. The jar contains two solutions and you are not supposed to shakes the bottle ! You only wanna get the bottom solution on your pimples.
Use a cotton tip to apply it.
The solution will dry on your skin and has a kind of chalky texture. It will help drying your pimples out, and get them to the flat stage.


  1. O.O Really? the gun stuff?
    I Will enventually try the benefit stick (Had one from Vichy but it was just like using some foundation it didn't really dry the pimple).

    I love your blog it's really cute <3

    1. HAHA yeah the gun stuff is quite something ! When I saw it in the shop in Japan I thought "YES ! I have to give this a go !"
      But I think it's good only for terrible terrible spots ! (nasty and stuffy ones).
      I didnt try the Vichy product but was it covering/concealing ? Benefit Boo boo zap is completely clear~

      Thanks for reading my blog dear, Im happy you like it <3 xx

  2. Whahaaa.. I really laughed when I saw the gun xD Actually I'm really interested how that product works :P
    Thank you for the tips! I might want to try the benefit product and tea tree oil :)

    1. I've seen it in sasa ! You should give it a go :D