Saturday, 21 June 2014

✿ TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: Dinoplatz cushy blusher
✿ #3 Lava Martini

 This week I got to try out Too cool for school new blusher and that little one was a first for me. I never got to use a blush is that form and found it very innovative.
 The blush comes in a tube and has a small sponge to apply it. (It comes with a second sponge that you can interchange so you can easily keep it clean and germ-free).
To get the product out, you simply have to squeeze the tube gradually, and you will notice the bristle becoming pinkish.
 #3 Lava Martini is a pretty pink, very subtle and natural.
The texture is quite watery which makes it easy to control and dose. The texture also permits to spread it very easily and avoid having a lot of blush "stuck" in one spot. 
You can either apply it before you powder or after, depending on your preference.
 I like to draw a slight line from the middle on my cheek and move it to my cheekbone. Then I spread it with my fingers.

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