Friday, 13 June 2014

✿ TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion ✿
#2 Baby pink clam

 For a natural, healthy and dewy face, I love to use Too cool for school Dinoplatz highlighter.
It comes with the cutest packaging as we are used to get with TCFS, I especially like their Dino packaging, they are so refreshing and cute.
It comes with a pump bottle, which is great to keep the germs away and is also convenient to control how much product you will get. You can either get a full pump, or if you press slowly and slightly, you will get less.
 There are two ways to apply it.
One is to mix it with your foundation and apply as you would normally do. It will create a radiant and dewy over all skin. You'll glow ! 
Two is to apply it on top of your foundation, before applying your trans lucid powder, to highlighter parts of your face.
 #2 Baby pink clam is a beautiful rosy pearl colour, very soft and dewy. It looks very natural and pretty.
The texture is amazing ! It feels moisturising and non-sticky. It will glide very easily on your skin, and will spread nicely too. You can definitely build it up if you want and modulate the application.
I like to highlight the bottom of my forehead, above my eyebrows, top of my cheek bones, top of my lips, and chin. 
  I think the glow looks so pretty and very natural ! 
Then you can set it with powder and even then, you can definitely see the dewy and glowy finish


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  2. Looks very pretty on you. I was afraid it could be too golden for my fair skin, but now I see it may still look natural.