Monday, 16 June 2014

✿ 1 day tattoo waterproof eyeliner ✿

 Here goes my review on Too cool for school 1 day tattoo waterproof eyeliner. It's been sitting in my vanity for a while and I finally got to use it.
The packaging is quite simple but convenient. The pen is retractable (hallelujah !) which I love and the end of the pen hides a sharpener. Perfect !
I got the blue pen, and it is a deep dark turquoise kinda colour, very beautiful.
It doesn't smudge much at all. I wouldn't recommend to try to create a smudgy line with this one.
 Thanks to the sharpener you can have a very sharp pen every time you use it, making your lines very fine and precise.
The formula is creamy enough to make the application smooth and easy. It's really nice to use and I didn't have to go back and fill some holes or whatnot. It's also very consistent through out the drawing of the line.
As promised, it is very very pigment and permanent. It is very waterproof and removing it from my arm with a bi-phase Etude House eye and lip remover, was a bit of a hassle. I had to rub quite hard. So be careful when applying it to your eye if you have to remove and correct, it may be a bit messy.
Also, I'd recommend to remove it with oil or cream based makeup remover, for a smooth and easy removal.

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