Sunday, 27 July 2014

✿ Etude House : Bling bling eye sticks ✿


 One thing I do all the time when I do my make up, is highlighting the inner corner of my eyes. I love the way it makes them pop out, look brighter and bigger !
Etude house offers a new eye stick for that purpose, in three different colors.
 These sticks come in white, gold and pink. Creamy, super shimmery and BEAUTIFUL.
I love the packaging, the stars are super cute, you can see at the bottom the color of the product, which make it a lot easier to pick out. They are also retractable, which I love.
 I find the sticks a little bit too thick for the under eye area, but as you can use them as a cream eyeshadow, then, it gets very convenient :)
 The three of them are long lasting, very luminous and pretty waterproof !
If you don't wanna get the three of them I'd recommend getting the gold one for a natural look. It's a lot more subtle.
The white one is great for a extra youthful touch, as it's super bright !
And the pink one has a very lovely, girly touch <3



  1. I never tried this kind of eye shadow. Do they stay on the eyelid all day or do they migrate?

    1. I can say they will stay in place for 5/6hours easily, keep an eye on it throughout the day. But if you dont touch your eyes, youll be fine :D

  2. its kind of shimmery eyeshadow but the color is so pretty, anw cute blog ^^

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