Saturday, 5 July 2014

✿ Etude House : Lip care concealer ✿


I don't know about you, but I LOOOOVE nude lips. I love to bring all the attention to my eyes and make them appear bigger and stronger, and make them the strongest part of my face. So I have always been kind of struggling with muting my lips with concealer, which makes them pretty dry. That's why I was so pleased to get Lip Care Concealer from Etude House when I went shopping there last week.
 The packaging is as usual for Etude House, very cute and nice. I especially like the girly and dolly touch for this lip care. It's adorable.
 The product is creamy and looks so much like an actual concealer, but it is moisturizing is hella matte ! And I love love love it. I'm a sucker for matte lipsticks and eyeshadows, and this one is just perfect.
Unfortunately it is not long lasting, it's pretty average when it comes to that, and if you plan on eating/drinking, I would definitely suggest to keep it in your bag for touch ups.
 I like to apply it directly to the center of my lips, and then spread it evenly with my fingers. It sits a little bit in the lines, so I'd recommend scrubbing your lips in the morning before applying it, and re-applying. Otherwise your lips are gonna dry and well... pretty gross :X
 Etude House has different shades of this line, and I'm pretty tempted to go a pick up some more <3


  1. Wow, nice review
    I think this one can be a pretty good lipstick primer, makes the color pops out

    I'm glad if we can be friend and following each other^^

    Love your blog design

    1. Thanks Queen :)
      I didnt try it as a primer yet, but must definitely try !

      Follow me, Ill follow back

  2. LOVE the pink liner! It's super girly with a splash of edge.


    1. These are great, from TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL :)