Wednesday, 9 July 2014

✿ Etude House : Tear eye liner ✿

 I've been wanting to try those Tear eye liners from Etude House for the longest time, and I don't know why, but it took me so long to finally get them.
You are supposed to use those tears in the inner corner of you eyes, especially on the bottom part. It will brighten your eyes and will make them appear bigger and a lot more awake. Giving you a youthful look, korean make up is all about making you look cute, happy and healthy <3
They come in two colors, a pearl like color, and a golden color one.
The pearl one will makes your eyes pop out a lot more than the gold one, which is a lot more subtle and natural (but still very brightening)
 I find it a bit difficult to control how much product will get under my eyes. I would recommend padding it under your eyes, and inner corner little by little. The texture of the product makes it a bit difficult to spread it evenly and create a fine and perfect line.
Also, make sure to wait a while for it to dry after application, otherwise it will move.
I guess you can also use it on your eyelid, and more spread out. It's up to you.
I like to use it as tears really. Even if the application is tricky, I have yet to find a product that will create the same effect with less of an hassle to use. It's not at all like, super bothering, just less convenient than a white pencil liner for example. But the effect is very beautiful that I will keep using it <3

Tears are tears, and it's definitely NOT waterproof AT ALL.

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