Sunday, 20 July 2014

✿ Lavera : Quattro oriental brown 01 palette ✿

 The other day, I went to Three Sixty supermarket in Elements, and found out they had a cosmetic section. As I was looking around, I discovered the brand Lavera, from Germany. I've never tried any of their cosmetics or make up, and am not familiar with organic products, so I decided I would give it a go.
 The packaging is super simple and the see through lid unable you to very easily know which colours you will get. It doesn't come with any brushes.
Like the Chanel one I just reviewed, the eyeshadows form little hills, they aren't the usual flat pans, which I find really nice and different.
You can use them either wet or dry. I like to apply them dry, on top of a eye primer.

 I really like the colour combination of the palette Oriental brown 01, the green and salmon/copper in particular, I think they look so beautiful together.
The eyeshadows create some fall off, so it will be difficult to keep it all clean. The "plate" will end up looking dusty...

 The eyeshadows are very pigmented and shimmery. So shimmery ! 
On the other hand, they don't hold that well, even when using primers. (the bottom photo is after rubbing my arm). They also create fall off, so if you wanna go for a smokey eye, you should do you eyes, before doing your base. Otherwise you will end up cleaning a lot and ruining your foundation.
This palette also has beautiful colors
I still think it's a good product, especially if you want to have something organic. It's a great option. And the price is quite affordable ~
I'm curious to try some other of their products :)

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