Wednesday, 16 July 2014

✿ TOO COOL Art class : Nail art kits ✿

Too cool for school just launched their own line of nail polishes and nail art kits. They sent me the kits and I was so excited to try them out, that I used one of them the very same day. 
The packaging is super cute and stylish playing around the theme of school, and the nail polish bottles look like ink bottle we used in school, back in the days. They are so adorable, and definitely make the whole experience more fun and exciting.
They have three different kits, with different sets of colors.
- Pastel color melting sweetly and softly
- Garden full of scented flowers
- Chic, modern match, white shirt and denim
They each come with a double sided pointy tool, one end is smaller than the other.
and a set of three colors.
I love the box so much, that I actually kept them. I find them really cool so arrange them. It's easy to pick them up and have everything you need in one place.
Each instruction have a set of different design ideas, which can help inspire you.

Too cool for school promises a nail polish that will be glossy, will dry fast and has a great formula.
As I tried them, I first noticed the shape of the brush. It's a little bit rounded and it made the application so much easier ! Because of course your nail is round, so it really help having the right edges' shape.
Also the brush is pretty thick, so you can cover a large part in one stroke. Love it !
I have to say I was pretty impressed by the thickness I would also get thanks so this. I only applied one coat, and found it well enough ! 
And even though I had a generous coat on my nails, it dried in no time. To be honest I think it was in less than 5 minutes. I didn't measure the time, but it was very fast.
When you decide to use the tool to draw on your nails.
Use a aluminium paper, and put a drop of nail polish there.
Pick up a little bit of it with the tool and they apply it on your nail.
You wanna press a bit, and as you gently press, drag it around a little in the shape you desire.
Clean your tool as the nail polish dries on the end, otherwise it will be less smooth to draw.
If the nail polish on the paper starts drying, and creates some "strings" as you draw, that's the signal, use a new fresh drop.
That's the result before and after applying a top coat. 
It was my first try doing nail art on my own really, and I didn't spend that much time doing it. But I think I took the time I could have ended up with amazing nails (at least on my left hand haha), because this is definitely a great nail art kit !
The tool is perfect and the two different size ends are very practical to use to obtain the result you desire.
And the formula of the products truly live up to their claims ! YOU GO GIRL !

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