Saturday, 12 July 2014

✿ Dinoplatz CC cream Cinema city ✿


Too cool for school launched a new CC cream, Dinoplatz Cinema city. What's cool about it, is that they paired it with either a blush, a bronzer or a highlighter. I personally got to try the one with the highlighter.
 The CC cream feels very nice, like a creamy moisturizer and feel nice on the skin. It doesn't feel like foundation or anything like this. Very pleasant and comfortable. Non-sticky. It glides and spreads very easily on the skin. I apply it with my fingers.
It has a SPF30 which I looove.

 It has a very light coverage. It will correct light blemishes and unify your complexion.
I also find it to be great if you are into switch from a yellow under tone to a more neutral one. I know some girls are into this, and I think it would be a great way for you to correct this.
Unlike a lot of CC and BB creams, this one is matte and has no shimmers.
 As shown here, the coverage is super light. I find it to kinda of blur the lines and unify.
If you have a great skins, you can use it and conceal what needs to be concealed.
On the other hand, if you have some acnes or scars, this CC cream isn't for you.
I like to use it on hot days, when I don't want to have a lot of make up on.
 The highlighter is a pretty pearl color, slightly rosy. 
I like it a lot, and I think having it on the end of the CC cream makes it very easy to use and works a reminder. Sometimes you would skip it, because maybe it's not part of you routine (just yet).
It's very natural and will brighten you complexion and give you a very healthy look.



  1. Hi Sophie!

    I love your blog and Instagram! Would you mind sharing your skin care routine? You always look so flawless.

    1. Hello there ! Thanks so much for your comment, I will make sure to share my skin care routine :))


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