Saturday, 2 August 2014

✿ TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL : Dinoplatz Duo concealer ✿

 I haven't been so impressed with a concealer in a long long long time ! And Too cool for school made that concealer kit AMAZING. I didn't expect it to be so good, and I am super excited to tell you about it. And I can already tell you that this is one concealer I'm going to use on a daily basis.
 First, as being part of the Dinoplatz collection of the brand, the packaging is super cute, if you like dinosaurs of course (but hey, who doesn't like them ? FREAK).
It comes with a mirror and a double side brush. Love the mirror, as it'll get handy when you're out and need a touch up. The brush... not a big fan. But I guess it's better than nothing. For concealers I like hair brush better than sponge ones.
 The kit has two tint, a very light one to conceal any blemishes and a more orange/dark beige one to brighten the skin. 
 As you use it you will notice that the texture is kind of sticky and will melt under your finger.
It is very opaque and a little bit goes a long way. I was very surprised how much opaque it was and it looked a bit scary because I thought I had too much under my eyes, but it is very easy to manipulate and to blend. You can brag it easily on your skin.
I also find it to have an amazing hold power on your skin. It's the nice kind of sticky, when you just feel like your concealer is gonna stay in place and be exactly where you want it to be. 
I wouldn't say it completely waterproof, but I think it would stay put all day long if you have normal to dry skin. Oily skin may need to repowder a little throughout the day.

It has an SPF 30 and PA++, always appreciable <3

 Down it the waterproof test. A bit of sweating would be safe, but you definitely can't go for a swim with it.

Would I recommend buying ? Y-E-S !

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