Wednesday, 17 September 2014

★ LOOK #37 : Daisies overall ★

 Styling, make-up, editing and art direction : Sophie Traverse
Photographer : Nicoline Aagesen
Hey everyone ! How are you doing ? Damn, this week is pretty busy and I feel like running around all the time. Part of me is really happy because I like to keep myself busy and I always feel proud when I know I've been productive. The other part feels a bit stressed out and just wanna slow down and chill~
I just finished reading "Seriously... I'm kidding" by Ellen DeGeneres, and it was great ! I laughed a lot, and love the way she writes. Casual and smart <3 and I just start "Total recall", Arnie's autobiography. Funny how much I admire him ! As a kid I would think The Terminator was the coolest thing. And that's something may still stay true today haha

What I'm wearing and comments :

★ Yellow hat : I love hats, so much that I wear them in summer <3 ~Super Animal Temple
★ Denim oversize overall : So comfy ~Coton On
★ Daisy tank top : I love daisy's prints, I find them cute and perfect for summer days.  ~Super Animal Temple
★ Slip-on sneakers : I love the print of these. ~Steve Madden

My friend's shop on ASOS market is on hiatus for a while, so please check her new shop ~Super Animal Temple

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