Monday, 29 September 2014

★ LOOK #38 : The Simpsons ★

 Styling, make-up, editing and art direction : Sophie Traverse
Photographer : Nicoline Aagesen
Hey guys, how are you doing ? On my side, I have been busy and I also have been shaking things up a little bit. I no longer work at my part time job, therefore I will have some extra time on my hands to get more creative (that's what I am planning to do) and I also will try to be more pro-active and do things in the day time (I was working at night before), get in the sun and be healthier and happier :D
I've also started to follow this Raw till 4 lifestyle (look it up if you are curious) and so far I'm liking it. I do have a sweet tooth, and eating a lot of sweet fruits sounds like a great deal to me <3 So far I feel great (even though I did break out a bit, I'm blaming it on detox) and happy <3 I'm still experimenting and educating myself, I also wanna focus on how I feel and see how my body reacts to it.
+ Good reads +
- The China Study, Thomas Campbell
- 80/10/10, Douglas Graham
- The Starch Solution, John McDougall
What I'm wearing and comments :

★ Blue hat : ~Super Animal Temple
★ Cropped sweater with Bart's prints : So comfy and cool. I love how thin the sweater is and the cut is perfect. It fits really nicely.  ~ Super Animal Temple
★ Black denim shorts : This denim is a bit stretchy and thin, I like the zipper on the side I think it looks nicer for the crotch haha.  ~Super Animal Temple
Black boots : ~Steve Madden

My friend's shop on ASOS market is on hiatus for a while, so please check her new shop ~Super Animal Temple


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