Wednesday, 24 September 2014

✿ THE SAEM : ECO SOUL Waterproof Push Liner ✿

 As Benefit Push Up Liner came out, I was curious to give The Saem Waterproof Push Liner a go. Maybe not hoping it would be as good, but that it would still be a nice and cheaper option.
The packaging is extremely simple.
 The brush is made of synthetic hair and product comes out as you click the other end.
A few clicks are necessary to get the product started and after, I would click one more time for each application.

 The application is easy and surprisingly even. I was afraid of getting a big drop, and it would get messy. The texture is also very opaque and has a slightly shiny finish.
It also dries pretty fast and I didn't have to wait for a long time, until I can finally look up.
Because the brush has quite a lot of hair, you won't get a thin and fine line. It will be for thick eye liner only.
 And one big downside is, that this eyeliner is not AT ALL waterproof. It claims otherwise, but one spray of water and it was all runny on my swatch. On a brighter side, it would be no problem for you if you don't have oily eye lid (or sweaty ones, I dunno..) and it will be super easy to remove !
As for me I find it pretty pointless to have a non-waterproof eyeliner (that's also how I feel about non waterproof mascara), so I don't think I will be using much at all, unless I want a thick eyeliner for a shoot, and won't need to wear it for more than 4 hours.

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