Monday, 15 September 2014

✿ THE SAEM : Saemmul Under eye marker ✿

If you look at the make up looks I usually do, you would notice I like to highlight the inner corner of my eyes and add eyeliner in the outer corner of my eyes to make them appear brighter and bigger.

The Saem came up with two new pencils, double sided to create this effect under your eyes.
One side is a brown pencil, to draw the line under your outer corner.
This will create a shadow beneath your eye, and create the illusion of a shadow of your lashes.
The second side is a powder, which you use the inner corner of your eyes.
It will brighten up your eyes, create a more awakened look and overall will make your eyes appear bigger.

Both pencils come with the same brown pencil and then you have the choice with either a shimmery gold, or a matte white.

Both of them are really easy to use, and are very handy (especially on the go).
The pencils are waterproof, and though the powder isn't, it's still pretty good and will stay in place for 2 to 3 hours.

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