Monday, 1 September 2014

✿ TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL : Dinoplatz lost identity ✿


I already had one of the Too cool for school Dinoplatz Lost identity and since I like it so much, I've decided to purchase the two other colors !
These are amazing, they colors your lips so nicely and they feel a little bit magical, as the color changes from the tube, as you apply it to your lips. It gives a nice tint to your lips and stays there for a fairly long time.
They shine a little, brighten your lips and don't dry them out at all ! LOVE <3

If you wanna find out about the first reviewed tint : Click here 

LOST IN YOU is a really sweet and subtle coral color. Very lovely.
LOST IN HAWAII is a pop pink, I was very surprised by how saturated and colorful it is ! Stay one for a long time ! You will probably need to scrub your lips to get all the color off.



  1. beautiful shades


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