Sunday, 5 October 2014

✿ 3 Concept eyes lipsticks ✿

3 Concept eyes, I love this brand from Korea, I find their packaging very sleek and classy, and their ads are super cool too. That's why, everytime I get the chance to, I will try their products. 
This time I decided to give a go to their lipsticks, as I stumble upon them at ColorMix and they had a discount (woop woop, from 180hkd to 120hkd each, if I remember correctly).

All three lipsticks are very moisturizing ! And I love it. As I bought them I didn't have my lipbalm on me (one of those cursed days, when I forget to bring my make up bag with me) and it was such a relieve to have bought these, and treat my lips.
I don't find them to last long on the lips those. If you eat or drink, forget it and re apply some.
But if you don't, I think it could last for an hour, maybe a little longer.
PEACH CORAL is a pretty soft, and pale coral, with a hint of rosy. It is not completely opaque and I think it give a beautiful enhancement of your natural lip color. Or you can concealer the lips first, if you want a more "true" color.
RED GLASS is very see through but give a beautiful red tint to your lips, I really like it. Beautiful color, I think it looks very healthy and nice. And it makes you teeth appear whiter <3
PINK GLASS is also see through and will give you a sweet touch, almost like a colored lip balm.

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