Thursday, 23 October 2014

✿ ETUDE HOUSE : Marie Antoinette lipsticks ✿

 I love Etude House's packaging ! The regular lines are super pretty and cute, but they reached another level of prettiness with their Etoinette serie. There is no way you don't feel like a princess when using these. I know I do~
The aesthetic reminds me of La Duree packaging , and even if the Etoinette line is a little more expensive than the regular lines, it's still a lot cheaper than La Duree.
 I love these imprints, so pretty !
✿ Both of them will last a far amount of time (2-3hours) and are moisturizing and won't dry out your lips. They don't smell or taste anything and feel very nice on the lips. (I hate when a lipstick wear heavily on your lips !)
 PKK004 is a pretty and shiny pink, more on the blue side than the red side. It gives a lovely tint to your lips, enhancing their natural color. Girly and cute.
PKK301 On the other hand is definitely on the red side and has a pretty deep coral color and will cover your lips more. Very elegant and sophisticated.


  1. So cute packaging. :)
    Add me via GFC G+ Bloglovin. Let me know, Will add you back :)

  2. ♥ j'adore cette collection ! le packaging est sublime ! mon préféré c'est le PBE102 ! effectivement la ressemblance est frappante avec les Merveilleuses de Ladurée ! mais les couleurs d' Etude House sont tellement plus jolies .

    1. Ah je ne pense pas avoir le PBE102 ! Mais je suis tellement souvent satisfaite par les produits levres de chez Etude House, cest vraiment genial ! (par contre leur ombre a paupieres... TT___TT)
      Les La Duree sont tres beaux aussi mais le prix...