Thursday, 2 October 2014

✿ LIOELE : Mix Eyebrow Cake ✿
Brown / Dark brown

Lioele packaging are so pretty ! I never got the chance to try any of their products, but I totally fell for their adorable packaging (I love the design of their logo, reminds me of the pumpkin carrossell in Cinderella).
As my eyebrows are pretty dark and I have think hair, I picked up their Mix Eyebrow cake in brown and dark brown, they also have a lighter mix.

The mix comes with two brushes : a spiral brush to brush and tiny your eyebrows and another small brush to apply the brow powder. 
They are both tiny and adorable. Both work pretty well. It's not the best, it won't be as good as your regular brush sets, but they do the trick, nonetheless. The application brush is a little thick and the hairs are a bit flexible, so if you press too heavily, your application will be thicker, since the hairs will spread.
I find the pack perfect for your make up bag on the go, and get to touch up quickly and effectively.
The powder is very nice, I find it to be very easy to apply and to stay in place. I didn't have a hard time to fix the powder and have to apply again and again.
The powder is also fine, and doesn't create much fall off at all.
Also, as for dark eyebrows, the colors are perfect ! Either you would like a warm color, you can use the brown, or if you'd like a colder and ashier tone, you can use the dark brown. 
It gives a very natural and nice finish, love it.


  1. my goodness! you are so pretty! this kind of kit is really convenient. I always forget to bring my brow brush.

    1. Thanks so much ! Yes this kit is so convenient ! :DDDD

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