Monday, 24 November 2014

✿ ITSSKIN : Macaron 's lip balm ✿

 Quick post to share a new favorite in the lip balm corner. I picked up this macaron lip balm at ITSSKIN (they had (and may still have ?) a pop up store in Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Hills) because the packaging was just so adorable and I'm always up to try out new lip balms.
They have different scents, from memory, they had grape, pineapple, strawberry and apple.
All shaped like adorable and yummy macarons and tinted in a pastel color.
Loving the lavender color I decided to get the grape flavor, and oh boiiii, it smells so delicious and as the EOS ones, they also have a sweet taste. Yummy.
They are slightly colored but they are completely transparent on the lips, giving they a nice shine. 
To be honest, I find they as good as the EOS ones, so if you like those, you will love the ITSSKIN ones. Kawaii lovers, don't hesitate and get one <3

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