Saturday, 8 November 2014

♥ Lip scrub, 3 easy ways ♥

Lip scrubbing is so important and it's something I try to do as often as possible, especially if I have a modeling job and if I want to wear lipstick. I find is so gross to apply any lipstick on dry and lip covered of dead skin (and you probably don't fancy that either). Also, if you were a lot of lipsticks, especially dark ones, your lips are most likely to be stained, that's why scrubbing will help recovering your lighter natural color.
So I will share with you some DIY ways to scrub your lips, easily, and for cheap. Now you have no excuse not to do it :)


My favorite recipe for a sweet and natural lip scrub is definitely coconut sugar, mixed with coconut oil.
These two natural and organic product do a great job at scrub and getting rid of the dead skin on your lips and nourishing them. While the sugar will give a great scrub, the oil will moisturize and make your lips extra soft. Don't hesitate to lick your lips afterward for extra yumminess.

Proportion wise, I'd say 2tbs of sugar for 1tbs of coconut oil.

If you have coconut sugar, or coconut oil, I'd recommend organic brown sugar and some oils like almond, the more natural, the better. You can fill a small container of the mixture and store it in the fridge if you'd like, make sure to let it warm up a little at room temperature, because coconut oil hardens under 24 degrees celsius (76F).


Now, after your shower, with the hot water and steam, your skin is most likely soften. And it is the perfect moment to grab a soft hair toothbrush (preferably you would have a special one just for this purpose ;) and start gently brushing your lips. This will give your lip a good scrub and will remove all dead skin.
If you don't have a toothbrush, you can also use your finger. Just rub your lips side to side while stretching your lips, and you will notice dead skin coming off. Not the most glamorous technique but it's effective and requires no equipment.

Remember to moisturize your lips right after :)


I use this technique a lot when I am working, and I have to change lipsticks a lot. After a while, my lips get drier, and kind of gross because they've been rubbed, and going through all kind of different shades. That's why not only scrubbing them will not only get them clean, refreshed but also get a lot of the stain off.

For this, I usually like to use tube lip balm (like Palmer's or Lucas papaw ointment) if I have options and apply some on my lips with a Q-tip and rubbing my lip with that same Q-tip. You will notice the color coming off and your lips will feel more even and soft. Do it until you get an even surface and apply a new coat of lip balm.


  1. I haven't checked your blog in a while, I was so busy T-T
    Thank you for the tips! My lips are always a mess, especially during winter.. not good when you wear lipsticks every day !

    1. Definitely ! Oh god, Im crossing my fingers I wont get cracked lip this winter ! Aouch

  2. ♥ oh merci pour ces précieux conseils ! j'essayerais celui a la noix de coco !

    1. J espere que ca marchera bien pour toi ! <3 Tiens moi au courant :)