Wednesday, 5 November 2014

✿ TONY MOLY : Delight baby doll, make up base ✿

 For a long time I wanted to try those colored base make up, that you correct either blemishes, red spots, irritations, dark circles... and unify your complexion. 
Different color bases will correct different color difference on your skin. For instance, lavender will brighten dull skin, cover yellow/brownish dark circles, and will correct a yellow colored skin. (Which makes it your perfect ally if you would like to correct a yellow undertone).

Tony Moly's make up base comes in a 30mL tube, which is what most bases offer, is SPF15 and PA+ which will protect you from sun damages. The packaging is very neat and clean with a slight cute touch. It reminds me a lot of what kind of packaging Make up Forever would come up with. 

 Texture wise, it is not watery or sticky, as your spread it on your skin, you can feel who well it stays on, and it is quite a bit of work to spread it nicely at first, because it wants to stay where you first applied it. The application isn't particularly difficult or tricky, it just takes more time than applying a foundation. I like to apply it with my fingers rather than using a brush, because my brush would leave marks on my skin and I do believe that warmth helps the product to set more evenly and blend in.

Here are before and after, where I applied the make up base on my right side of the face. I think the base wears pretty nicely on the skin, it doesn't feel heavy or anything. I do find it a bit drying though. If I wear it on it's own + powder, it kinda gets dry and caky even if I don't apply more powder than usual. So I would recommend to prep your skin nicely before using, and maybe use a moisturizing foundation on top of it.
As for correction, it does brighten your skin and will help with unify your complexion. I noticed my dark circles being not completely gone, but definitely minimized.
If you have a lot of dark circles due to colored under eyes, some sun damages, yellow bruises, I would definitely recommend giving this make up base a go. I do think it can help and be part of someone's routine.
If you like a pale complexion, you will love this product. Like a lot of korean BB and CC creams, it is very pale. Personally I like to apply a warmer foundation and powder after using it, I find it suits me better, and not make me look like I'm ill. ;)
In a nutshell :

✿ Corrects yellow dark circles,  yellow undertone, yellow bruises and brightens dull skin.
✿ Good base for foundation, doesn't crease
✿ Light and comfortable wear
✿ Nice packaging
✿ Budget friendly

✿ Make you look really pale
✿ Adds an extra step to some people's routine


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