Wednesday, 12 November 2014

✿ TONY MOLY : Delight baby doll, make up base

This post contains some copy/paste from my last review on the same base in Lavender.
I deducted it was better and easier that way for you than having me sayin"check this link " but do if you are more interested in the lavender base though :)

 Here I am reviewing the second base offered by Tony Moly, The Delight Baby Doll make up base in Mint.
Different color bases will correct different color difference on your skin. The mint base will help you correct the redness of your face. Color correction works with opposite. Basically, if you want to correct a redness, you want to apply the opposite color of the spectrum, that is green. Blue marks can be corrected by a orange brighten, and yellow will be corrected by purple.

Tony Moly's make up base comes in a 30mL tube, just as the lavender one, is SPF15 and PA+. The packaging is very neat and clean with a slight cute touch. It reminds me a lot of what kind of packaging Make up Forever would come up with. 

  Texture wise, it is not watery or sticky, as your spread it on your skin, you can feel who well it stays on, and it is quite a bit of work to spread it nicely at first, because it wants to stay where you first applied it. The application isn't particularly difficult or tricky, it just takes more time than applying a foundation. I like to apply it with my fingers rather than using a brush, because my brush would leave marks on my skin and I do believe that warmth helps the product to set more evenly and blend in.
 Excuse the offensive close ups on my recent break out (but perfect to illustrate the use of the product).
I pretty much use the base locally and not all over my face, dabbing it on my red pimples and blending it in. I applied two coats and then applied my concealer. It does help minimize the redness but of course, it won't do much for the texture. It can be drying for the skin which in some cases could make your pimple look worse but otherwise I am pretty happy with the product. I think it makes a difference and can be a good ally if you have a general break out or redness due to some mild allergies or something.

In a nutshell :

✿ Corrects pimples and any kind of redness .
✿ Good base for foundation, doesn't crease
✿ Light and comfortable wear
✿ Nice packaging
✿ Budget friendly

✿ Make you look really pale
✿ Can make pimples dry and patchy
✿ Adds an extra step to some people's routine