Friday, 19 December 2014

✿ MAXFACTOR : Masterpiece mascara ✿

 After using They're Real by Benefit and Lancome Doll Eyes mascaras, I'm really happy to have be introduced by the latest mascara by MaxFactor, Masterpiece mascara.
This mascara promises to create bold, volumised, full and more dramatic lashes and I do think they live up to their promises.
 How they create such great lashes is due to the wand. The base of it, has short bristle which grow crescendo to the end of it. This elongate your lashes. The wand holds the product outside of the bristle, which makes the application direct to the lashes and easier. Therefore they get a full coat of mascara. Rotating the wand through your lashes also helps separating the lashes and permit a more even application.
I love how the wand is, and I think it creates beautiful lashes, but you do need to be careful while using it. The long bristles can make they application quite messy.
 As far as holding the curl go, I'm not entirely satisfied, but that's a problem I have with most mascaras, especially when they aren't waterproof. If you need a waterproof mascara, you may wanna reconsider using the Masterpiece.

 For my personal preferences, I think one to two coats are enough, but you can definitely add some more. Be aware that it takes quite sometimes (I'd say something like 2~3 minutes) for the mascara to be completely dry. So watch out for sneezes ! (they may or may not have ruined my make up.. :')
As for removing, a bi-phase eyes make up remover will do the trick if that's what you usually use. I like to use oil or cream make up remover, and it does a great job.

In a nutshell 
PROS : Price, availability, long, full, defined lashes, easy to remove
CONS : Non waterproof, can get messy

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