Tuesday, 23 December 2014

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Recently I've been offered by Wigsbuy to choose and review one of their wigs.
From a wild varieties of haircut and colors, I decided to get a long black wig with a fringe, so I could have one natural looking wig, that could blend in with my natural hair color.
I love the concept of wigs, and I love dressing up and have some crazy color and/or hairstyle, but I thought it would be super nice to have a quality natural looking wig too.
 I ordered and received the wig after 2 weeks, which isn't so bad, but it's also not the fastest delivery ever. They do offer the option of a faster shipping if you're willing to pay for it though.
As far as the package went, it was pretty good, though it was missing some paper worms inside. It's not that anything in the box was particularly fragile, but I do prefer a filled box.

The box included the wig, two black nets (and I assume they will make sure to match the net's color according to the wig's), a pink comb with metallic teeth and few hair clips.
I don't really use the net so much cause I find them to give me headache couple hours after wearing them, since they are so tight, and I kinda like leaving my hair under the wig.
The comb is really good, I think it does a good job detangling hair, I don't think it's a special comb or anything, but it works well !
And for the clips, I have no use of them (just yet !)
 The wig itself looks pretty good ! I was surprised by the quality, because I am so use to synthetic wigs, but this one feel really different. The hair is thick (so much thicker than my really hair, omg), of a deeeeeeeep black, and voluminous. Unlike my real hair, it falls a little bit wavy, and it give a nice body. Really easy to go through with a comb and doesn't get tangly (though I try to be gentle and careful with it, so it doesn't get messy).
The lace inside is of quality and doesn't get itchy ! Which is MUCH MUCH MUUUUCH appreciated ! They also have the regular elastic thing so keep it as much in place as possible.
As for keeping it place, I always make sure to use the long skinny hairpins to fix it though because without the net, it can get tricky. (and I did have my hair falling out one time, whilst showing a "dance move" to Flo and DAMN that was funny). Fixing it well also make it a lot easy to just go and brush through it and whatnot.
 Here are some photos of how I like to "style" it. If I leave it on its own, I think it looks nice, but styling can make it look appear much more natural. 
Hats are good and easy way to wear it. 
I also I like pining pieces of hair in the back and create some volume, and pony tails on the side are nice too. Though I can't get them too high (and those are my FAVORITE ! Oh well...).
So far I've been sticking to these easy styling, but I will be trying new things and see what works ! :)

You can see I leave my hair hanging in there, and you can definitely see the hair difference. To be honest, it doesn't bother me at all, I like to see it as a hair extension and I don't mind it. not being a perfect match either in color or length. CLOSE ENOUGH ! For me the feeling of fullness is more important, and it also more comfortable, because I don't have to wear the tight net. PLUS ! If I am to lose my hair again, it will be less embarrassing (I think ha).
And so far, no one really noticed, unless they know me VERY WELL, or really have good eyes. I've also receiving many compliments about my hair recently :D

In a nutshell :
PROS : Natural looking, real hair, nice volume, can be washed/styled, lots of choices
CONS : online so you can't try on first,  some photos on the website are from celebrities and it can make it harder to understand the hairstyle (or makes you a bit skeptical)

If you are looking for a real hair wig, I would definitely recommend this website, they are a bit expensive if you compare to synthetic wigs, but as real hair ones, I think they have good deals (and they also do promotions quite often !). I think they offer a serious service, there aren't any cute/special attention brought to the packaging, but it's clean, net and effective.
Thanks Wigsbuys


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