Monday, 12 January 2015

✿ BANILA CO : Prime primer Hydrating finish powder ✿

 Trying out a new loose powder from Banila co, a Korean brand that I am discovering little by little. Let's see what this powder promises and if it lives up to our expectations:
✿ Keeps the skin downy all day as it controls oil and sebum
✿ Adheres lightly to the skin, without mass
✿ Soft finish, just like silk
 First off, I must I really like Banila co's packaging. It's very simple and neat. It comes with a powder puff, that is soft and pleasant. The box has a rotating opening, so you can lock it, and unable the powder to get out. I find it amazing for travelling, since this will prevent the box from getting messy and pour powder all over the place. It was a bit scary to use at first, because I thought I may break it. 
How I use it is that I will get the puff out, and display some powder in the lid, use a big powder brush and apply it to my skin, after foundation and concealer. Then I will use the powder puff to press and lock the powder to my skin.

The powder is fine and light, and feels weightless on the skin. As I apply it to my skin, it looks colorless, and doesn't make my face caky or anything. Even if I have a dry spot, the powder doesn't make it look crazy dry and nasty. Which I think is due to the hydrating properties of the ingredients.
I also think that the powder does a great job at keeping my make up in my place, and has a very soft and silky finish. I like the fact that this powder is matte and a little downy, without being shimmery.
And does it keep me matte and non shiny ? Yes ! I know it's winter, and I am not sweating much, but I must say that I never had to touch up and re-apply any powder since I have been using. I will make it to the test when summer comes back !
As for the oil control, I would have to wait until summer to see how it goes, since my skin is normal to dry.

In a nutshell : Would recommend buying, 190HKD for 12g
PROS : Nice and handy packaging, light, silk finish, see through, long lasting and hydrading
CONS : Availability

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