Thursday, 8 January 2015

✿ MAJOLICA MAJOLICA : Jeweling eyes ✿

 Continuing on products from Majolica Majolica, here are two of they Jeweling Eyes palettes. I picked up two of them. The PK785 which is part of their regular collection, and 90, which is a special edition palette.
Their collection contains colors such as green, copper, blue, purple, red-ish...
Both palettes are super cute and while PK785 is ornamented with diamonds' illustration, the 90 one has sea shells and corals. Both packaging are made of plastic and are super light, they also come with a double sided brush.

 Application wise, I think both these palettes are easy to work with if you don't mind a little bit of messiness or if you do you foundation after doing your eyes.
The thing with these is, that they are EXTREMELY shimmery. So the point that sometimes, it's a bit hard for me to tell the difference between 2.2 and 2.3m, when they look so different in the palette itself. It can be a great thing, because using it, it will be easier to create a smooth gradient of colors. In the other hand, some of you may think it lacks contrast and dynamism.
If you want to get the less shimmery of the two, go with the normal collection. 

Using 2.2 on my top eyelid, and 2.3 in my lower corner.

In a nutshell : Only for shimmer lovers.
PROS : Cute packaging, nice and girly colors, nice color ranges
CONS : Availability, extremely shimmery, messy with some fall off on the cheeks

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