Tuesday, 6 January 2015

✿ MAJOLICA MAJOLICA : Puff de Cheeks ✿

Since I've been in Germany, I decided I wouldn't overload myself with a lot of make up and only get the essential, products that work for everyday use and fulfill their purpose properly.
And so I packed Majolica Majolica Puff de cheeks' blush.
 As usual with Majolica Majolica's products, the packaging are cute and well though. This blush is packed in a tin box, and is painted with cute pastel colors. The pink on the box is kind of misleading, since really, the blush is a very pretty peach color. Warming and soft.
They also provide a cute puff, matching the color of the tin. So far I've been using the puff and I like to apply the blush with it. The blush is very subtle and can be worked with very easily (understand that it will spread nicely on the cheek and not get stuck in one spot), so the application with the puff suits me nicely.
 Majolica Majolica puff de cheeks in PK301 is a pale coral / peach color, very pretty, which I think goes well with any complexion. It gives a natural and healthy flush to your face, really nice~
As far as long lasting goes, it's pretty good. I never feel the need to re-apply or anything throughout the day.
If you wanna make a blush statement, you may want to get something more pigmented than Puff of cheeks. Which is not saying that this blush isn't pigment at all, but it is a very natural tint. It gives you a nice healthy look, but it won't show A LOT. Especially on photos.
I've been using it everyday I'm wearing make up in Germany, and I love it a lot !

In a nutshell : Would definitely recommend !
PROS : Suits every complexion, cute packaging, good pigmentation, no fall off, long lasting
CONS : Availability


  1. I've bought one when i was in japann it was more coral and i love it!

    1. Im glad you did ! I think I will get the other ones since I like the peach one so much ! :D