Monday, 2 February 2015

✿ LIOELE : Carry Me blushers ✿

 I can never have too many blushes and I can never get enough of experimenting with new ways to apply it. Lioele comes up with a cushion to apply your blush with.
The packaging is adorable, and completely portable, making it your best friend if you want to do your make up on the go, and touch up throughout the day.
 They come in two colors, the pink and peach blush. In my opinion it's the cutest color you can get for a blush. Very girly and cute, which totally matches with Lioele's fans.
On the top of the lid, there is a mirror, a nice and practical touch, it's a bit small obviously, but I think this could really come in handy when you don't have any other mirror at hands.
The puff to apply the blush is small, puffy and fluffy. The small diameter of the puff is the perfect size for a cute, round application.

 The blush powder will come through the puff as you gently tap it on the apple of your cheek. I think the amount of powder coming through is pretty generous without being too much. A slight tap will give you a subtle flush, keep tapping for a stronger application.
I like to use it on top of some cream blush too, to have a real flush on my cheeks, for extra cuteness.

In a nutshell : Would recommend them, especially to young girls !
PROS : Cute packaging, quite long-lasting, versatile in the application, portable
CONS : Availability


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