Friday, 13 February 2015

✿ PUPA : Vamp ! Cream eyeshadow ✿

My last favorite find is for sure PUPA's Vamp cream eyeshadow. I am starting to find a hard time explaining to my best friend, why I need this or that make up item, but as for these eyeshadows, it was an easy task to find an explanation.

The packaging is fairly simple, neat and classic, and the pot offers you 8g of product. The pot is made of glass and is quite heavy, the lid it made of plastic and it very easy to close and open. The bottom of the pot has a sticker on and is quite thick, so you can't really see the color you picked, but you can check quite clearly on the side. That's how I store them, so I don't have to open them all the time and get bacterias in. And always make sure they are well closes.

All the colors are beautiful, shiny, luminous, and super easy to work with. The texture is very smooth, soft and creamy, making is so confortable to apply on the eyelid, and to wear. It almost feels like it's melting as you apply it. It also spreads evenly, and won't crease throughout the day and will stay put, without applying any eye primer. I actually use it as one sometimes. I find that applying a powder eyeshadow on top give it more dimension and creates a new tint on light colors.

I like to apply the light colors with my fingertips. But if I am using the darker colors, I will use a brush for more control, either if I want a very precise application with sharp edges, or on the opposite, if I want to have a very blended application. I feel like these Vamp cream eyeshadows give me the best of both worlds. Another great thing is that you can really work on the intensity and build up the application, perfect for smokey eyes !

They are definitely sensitive eyes friendly, they have been ophthalmologist tested, paraben free and therefore there is low risk of allergies ! Another thing is that, even if they stay on for so long, they are easily removable with something as soft as Bioderma. <3
With a little build up.. <3

VERDICT : YES YES YES ! I am running out of good reasons for you to get them, but really, they are amazing. They were 150hkd each in SASA when I get them, it's a little pricey but they are amazing. No regrets. If they happen to be on some kind of offer, get a couple, they won't let you down.

PROS : Long lasting, beautiful colors, easy to work with, pigmented, buildable
CONS : A little pricey 

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