Tuesday, 31 March 2015

✿ Etude House : Secret Brush 121 Skin ✿


 Hey guys, today I wanted to share with you my go to brush to apply my foundation. I bought the Etude House Secret brush 121 skin, out of their My beauty tool collection, as I was intrigued by the design. I think MAC also has a brush that has this "toothbrush" shape, but I definitely got smitten by the Etude House one, since is cheaper (If I remember correctly, it's something around 200HKD) and the princess like design is adorable.
 Etude House teaches you how to use the brush with both an illustration and written direction. 
Basically, I use it as they say (or pretty much) : 
Put my liquid foundation on my hand, gently dab the brush in it and first gently apply it to my nose, cheeks, chin, forehead.. Always brush from the center of my face to the extremities.
Then (and I usually skip this step, because I don't need it), change the head of the brush with the sponge, and dab to get rid of any brush strokes if you have some any for a smooth finish.

And I must say, the application is amazing ! Whenever I use a brush, it tends to leave brush strokes all over my face and I need to dab them with a sponge, but with this brush, the application leaves no brush strokes, is smooth and give an amazing coverage !

The bristle are pretty short and there is so much of them that the brush feels very dense and product will stay at the extremities of the bristles so there is no waste. The brush feels so soft and is very easy to clean up (except for the sponge as it is white, it stays pretty stained).

So far I think this is the best foundation brush I've come across. Right now I am using Armani Lasting silk foundation SPF 20 and the combo is amazing ! I would strongly recommend to anyone who passes by Etude House :)

In a nutshell : I love it, you should get yours ASAP
PROS : Design, short and compact bristles, soft, doesn't leave brush strokes on the skin, easy to clean
CONS : NONE ! I love it so much


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