Friday, 13 March 2015


✿ I discovered Lavera on my first trip to ThreeSixty in Kowloon. Since they are an organic and natural and sometimes, vegan brand, I decided I would try both their make up and cosmetics. The range of colors they have is pretty narrow and are mostly suitable for natural make up look. Nothing extravagant or revolutionary but will definitely suit someone who is into a natural and subtle look.

The packaging are very simple, not to bulky and straight to the point.

I think their illuminating eyeshadow is a good pick up eyeshadow for an all over the lid look. It will illuminate the eyelid in a subtle but still noticeable color. Catching more light and brighting the eye. Exotic Khaki looks like an beautiful swirl of khaki and gold, but appears green-ish gold, pretty grey looking and cold, when applied. They can be used both dry and wet, but I definitely like to use they wet first, then blend it in dry, to avoid any sharp edges.

They stay put for the day without using an eye primer, and is pretty pigmentated if used wet. I'd recommend using an eye primer if you are planning to apply them dry though.

In a nutshell : Would recommend for people who wear natural make up and vegans
PROS : Natural, vegan, natural, easy to use and wear, wet and dry
CONS : Choice in colors,  availability in HK

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