Monday, 6 April 2015

✿ Les Merveilleuses La Duree : foundation N10 & N20 ✿

Les Merveilleuses LaDuree's new foundation is delivered in a beautiful egg like shape bottle, which reminds me of Les Oeufs de Faberge ( : Faberge's egg). A quite praised item that my grand ma used to love. The lid has their iconic engraved pattern, and on the bottle you can see a not so sharp engraving of a rococo portrait (it's both hard to see in real life, and to take a photo of it).
The bottle has a pump to modulate the amount of product you want to use, easy, quick and clean.
What it promises and does : Les Merveilleuse La Duree liquid foundations deliver a long lasting serum like hydrating effect. Create a smooth, fine textured make up layer with a sheer finish. It has a water-rich, smooth texture which provides a comfortable wear.
Exist in 3 shades (✿10 : Aurore (aurora) ✿20 Ble (wheat) ✿30 Ambre (Amber), and has a SPF20/PA+

Full of goodness : Damask rose extract (Moiturizer, antioxidant)
Centifolio rose extract (Moiturizer)
Organic lavender extract (Moiturizer)
Organic thyme extract (Moiturizer, astringent, anti-inflammatory)
Rosehip oil (emollient (softens and smooths the skin)

Fragrance : Powder sugar and sweets.
Price :  460HKD (for 30mL)
Exist in 3 shades, SPF20/PA+

My opinion :
The foundation is pretty amazing. I was nicely surprised by the consistency of the foundation, as I find it to resemble ink's consistency. Thanks to it, your skin looks a lot better, but still love like real skin, beautiful and fresh. 
It has a sweet smell that I find very pleasant, and I was wondering if it will be of any aggression to my skin, but it didn't react to it. So I think it is safe for sensitive and dry skin.
Also, I usually always powder my foundation, but with this one I found that after 5 minutes, it was dry and set. I also tried to smudge it on my wrist as I swatched, and it didn't move !
The would say it is medium coverage and because of its consistency it can be layered and still give you a quite natural look, and doesn't make you look cakey. Especially because there is no need to powder after (unless you have an oily skin).

In a nutshell : I love it, I am happy I have two shades, so I can highlight parts of my face :)
PROS : Bottle design, consistency, coverage, real skin, hydrating, doesn't create breakouts
CONS : A little pricey, but you'd pay the same for High end brands, and this one is really good :)

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