Monday, 6 April 2015

✿ Les Merveilleuses La Duree : Cleansing milk ✿

What it promises and does : Les Merveilleuse La Duree with its Marie Antoinette, Rococo, inspired packaging (OMG stinking cute right ?) promises to remove your make up with a hydrating sensation, leaving your skin smooth, moist and soft. With a thick consistency and cream-like richness, it spreads upon application like a hydrating feel. The unique sensation is achieved by the base of water-soluble ingredient as well as the water-soluble polymers that burst onto the skin.
 It can be used both as a rinse-off and wipe-off remover. It contains lightweight oil, which won't leave your skin feeling oily and greasy.
Full of goodness : Organic lavender extract (Moisturizer, astringent (tightens the skin), anti-inflammatory)
Organic rosemary extract (Moisturizer, antioxydant)
Witch hazel extract (Astringent, antioxydant)

Price :  280HKD (for 125g)

My opinion and extra tips :
Whilst I think it is a great eye make up remover, and it will break down waterproof mascara and eyeliner, I think that as a face make up remover, it is not that great. Indeed, I find that after rubbing the product on my whole face, while my eyes was all clean (and that's also this is the part I focus on the most), I still had some traces of foundation. To be honest, I don't think it's so much of a bother since I always use a cleanser after my make up remover, which will be more efficient and cheaper too. I would not recommend using more of La Duree's cleansing milk, I think it would quite a waste.
On the other hand, on the eye's area, it's very effective ! Not only did it remove all my make up, but it was very gentle and soft. The milk is non aggressive and it didn't sting my eyes, or did it make my vision blurry !

In a nutshell : 
PROS : Great eye make up remover, gentle, perfect for sensitive eyes
CONS : Not as great at removing foundation, has to be paired with a good face cleanser

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