Thursday, 21 May 2015

✿ MAXFACTOR : Creme puff blushes ✿

MaxFactor released couple new creme puff blush and sent them to me. It took me a while to get to try them out since I have been with my boyfriend non stop recently and working quite a lot, so I didn't get to play with make up on my own so much~  

Since I have been given two of each shades I will be having a give away on my Instagram, you can go there and enter :)

Ends on June the 1st 2015

These two blushes have been formulated to make you look younger, that's why the formula have been created to make sure that these will be lightweight, long wear, blendable evenly, non cakey and provides a polished skin finish.
Packaging wise, MaxFactor, as usual, keeps it very simple and neat.
When it comes to blushes, I really like to use them to give my skin not only a fresh, young and healthy touch of color, but when they contain shimmers, I like how they can reshape your face.
And that's exactly what MaxFactor creme puff blush do !

In one hand, 25 Alluring rose (which is a beautiful mix of deep shimmery pink/coral, with a medium warm bronzer), will not only warm up your complexion, but will also emphasize the bone structure of your face. Giving your face a great contouring as well as an alluring look. Best to apply in under your cheekbones. I think it would be very nice for a summer look !

In the other hand, 05 Lovely pink (mix of shimmery rosy pink and rosy highlight) will provide a youthful and healthy look. The pink color has a girl tint that give you a dolly, and innocent look. Paired with the highlight, it creates a glow on your skin that boosts the illusion of rounder and fuller cheeks. Best to apply it on the apple of your cheeks ! Perfect for spring !

Which one do you prefer ? Personally I like 05 Lovely pink better, as I like to wear a young and cute look, rather than an alluring, more womanly look :D

In a nutshell : 
Price : 88hkd for one 
(You can find them in selective SASA, Watson's and Bonjour)

PROS : Bluidable, pigmented, great contouring, lightweight, polishes the skin
CONS : Only has two shades